Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Most Stupid Idea Ever, or Marketing Genius?

So, you can now immortalize your WoW character. (The site has since been updated after some pain and grief.)

Wow! I'm sure that WoW players, after spending the majority of their waking discretionary time in WoW, can't deal with seeing their character represented in only 2-D on the monitor. Just think of all the possibilities:
  • When you're away from your game, you can take your character with you, introduce him/her to friends and coworkers, and show him/her your favorite hangouts. Great pickup line: "Why yes, that's my WoW character on the bar. Let me buy you a drink and boast of his courageous exploits!"
  • You can get together with your WoW friends who also have their character in plaster and play with them, just like you did when you were wee children, playing with your Barbie(tm) dolls.
  • You can splurge and buy models of your most worthy adversaries and slowly torture them, which is way better than getting your ass kicked by them in the actual game.
The possibilities are endless!

(Disclaimer: My son got me to try WoW awhile back, and although I found it compelling and intricate, my Real World is still more fascinating and amusing than WoW, any day.)

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