Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lowering My Doggie Bag Footprint

Debbi and I usually prefer to eat in when dining, even on the rare occasions we go to a classic fast food place. It bugs me that the food is served with disposable wrappers and utensils -- just another reason to avoid standard fast food.

But what about the classic Doggie Bag? After a nice meal at a restaurant with regular place settings, I feel guilty when the leftovers are boxed and bagged up in disposable containers.

So here's what I'll try to do from here on out: Keep a couple of those reusable plastic containers around when we go out and have the leftovers dumped into them. Saves on trash for one thing. For another, those reusable containers are more durable and leak-proof than the foam containers typically used.

Now, should I bring my own flatware and cloth napkins when going to a fast food joint?

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